Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michael W. Smith Was Right

Today I'm feeling thankful for Facebook (honorable mentions: Nutella, Target and anti-aging cream.) Facebook, while a bit of a time-waster, doubles as the portal through which I am able to see the goings-on of friends that live farther away from me than they should.

Currently, as I type this, I'm missing my favorite chemist Chrissy in New Mexico and reminiscing about her magical cooking skills that make lovely things out of almost nothing. I'm also pondering what my friend Lyndsay, who works for a non-profit clinic, is doing today in Old Mexico and I'm imagining her healing the sick and eating tacos, the likes of which Taco Bell can only dream of. There's also Amanda and her brood of 3 under 3 who I would pay money to hang out with right now. And then, of course, there's Alexis, sun-tanned creative genius, in sunny San Diego where everyone has good hair and surfing is a prerequisite before breakfast. My dear friend Abigail is in Kentucky when she really should be here drinking tea with me and discussing the future betrothal of our children. Lydia and Jen are in Georgia where I grew up and there are days where I spend considerable thinking power trying to figure out how we can move back down to the Deep South just to be near those childhood friends. Additionally, there's Traci (queen of healthy eating), Steph (my clever friend), Rebecca (the wise one); all in Nashville living lives that should include me. Ha. Atleast, in my opinion. Frankie in DC (my fellow bibliophile), Leigh (the Swede), Jessica (who loves the weather channel and China). Oh dear. This list could go on and on, but I'm running out of my allotted blogging time (set by Sam the Taskmaster).

What's the deal with people I like being so far away? In light of this problem, I find myself pondering what it might have been like to live 50 years ago when things were simpler and people tended to stay in their hometowns and had never heard of Facebook, Twitter or Skype. They had 3 digit phone numbers and wrote letters and had ice-cream socials and rarely drove as far as the next town. Maybe I'm over-simplifying those people and if Mad Men has taught me anything, it's that life 50 years ago might not have been as innocent as it might appear.

Basically, I'm just wishing for the days when you didn't find yourself stalking friends online to see what they're up to because they live next door and you accidentally overhear their conversations on the telephone line you share. I wish I could walk over to Amanda's house right now and let Sam hang out with her boys (which might include some crazy pacifier swapping and maybe even a little group crying) while we talked on the porch about the weather. And how great would it be if I could walk over to Chrissy's this evening to borrow an egg and be entertained by a story or two about what three-year old Ina had to say today.

Like I said, I'm thankful for Facebook, but at the same time, I wish it didn't have a reason to exist. It makes it possible for me keep up with the people that I love but I'd so much rather it didn't have to.

This is the point in the blog when I'd like to take a moment to let out a big 'SIGH.' Ok, I've done my whining and now I'm wrapping up this post so that I can venture over to Facebook to stalk my friends.

Friends o' Mine, you are missed.


  1. You are missed too! And if everyone has perfect hair here, then I'm in trouble. Last week my boxing teacher at the gym said my hair looked like a lion. Pretty sure that's far from perfection. :) We should skype! In fact... I'm just gonna start signing on every day so that when you have a few free minutes you can say hi. I think my ID is lexgoodman

    2) I fell off the wagon last night and today by eating massive amounts of heavily frosted cookie cake and will most likely finish it off later this afternoon.
    3) If I were alive 50 years ago and worked at Sterling Cooper.. I would be a telephone operator so I could know EVERYTHING. Forget the money.. give me the juicy gossip.

  3. A give all of this a big fat ditto. What I wouldn't give to have you in the house next door. Actually, there is a house across the street that is for sale. It's huge. It has a guest house. It has a pool. It is ridiculously expensive. We've no choice but to buy it together and establish the Reigilliams commune. Just think about it. It would be like the Acts Bible study meets a perpetual book club meets coffee chats meets baby play dates... ALL THE TIME. I am so in.

    p.s. I thought I was your clever friend? I keeeeed!



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