Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Ten List: You Know You're A Mom When...

10. You find yourself cutting your own food up in tiny pieces before you eat it.
9. You shaved half of one leg about 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten to the other one and a half yet. (You're hoping to get to that before your next date night.)
8. Date night includes a movie (in the dvd player), a frozen pizza and someone crying themselves to sleep in the room down the hall.
7. You find half-chewed cheerios in your pockets at the end of the day and you eat them instead of getting up to throw them away.
6. You look forward to naptimes with the same anticipation of vacation or Christmas or your wedding day (small bit of exaggeration here, but not much).
5. Talking to your baby has now morphed into you talking to yourself AND calling yourself "mama" while talking to yourself even when your baby isn't in the room.
4. You have developed a mild version of ADD that...wait, did I use toothpaste or hair gel this morning to brush my teeth?
3. You have small bite marks and bruises where someone has tried out their new teeth on you. (And, you start to wonder if reading the "Twilight" series while pregnant wasn't such a good idea).
2. Songs from "Barney" and other such television for small people play in your mind over and over and over and over all day long. (help me)
And the number one way you know you're a mom is...(drumroll, please)
1. You take a bathroom break and within seconds someone is outside the bathroom door screaming like you've just dropped them off at Saddam Hussein's house for a playdate.


  1. You shut the door when you go the bathroom? Jealous.

  2. YES!!! The cheerios comment totally made me laugh out loud. I've done that. Um, and yes for the last five days I've woken up with a Yo Gabba Gabba song in my head from a stupid CD we listened to over and over on the road trip from South Carolina we just took. At least one of the songs is a Weezer song, right?

  3. At my house, I could also add...

    11. You pack up all of the books you got in graduate school, put them into the basement, and make your office into a play room.

    12. You don't think of milk as something that comes out of a carton anymore.

    13. You've started memorizing the Baby Einstein videos.

    14. The last 5 books you read all had cardboard or plastic pages.

    15. You can't remember the last time your dinner was still hot when you ate it.

    16. It doesn't bother you that you walk around with boogers and food on your sleeves.

    17. You talk about poop in otherwise normal adult conversations. Someday, you will realize that normal people don't talk about poop.



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