Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolutions for 2011

In this new year, I resolve to:

1. Floss More: (This just in: flossing every day can lengthen your life by six years. I think this means I can start telling people I'm actually 26.)

2. Drink more water: (Egg nog, hot chocolate and Chic fil a milkshakes do not count).

3. Stop shopping at American Eagle: (No one over 30 should dress like Miley Cyrus).

4. Limit Target visits: (Stopping in for the occasional "1 or 2" things is probably going to be the reason why Sam will never inherit anything from us.)

5. Get out more! (Hermits become unabombers)

6. Spend time with friends more often: (Kathie Lee and Hoda do not count).

7. Cheese is not a food group: (This isn't really a resolution, just a reminder).

8. Write more (Status updates and text messages are not "writing").

9. Stop worrying about everything: (Sam will probably not grow up to be a professional ice dancer, our house is not infested with brown recluse spiders, and my cell phone is not giving me a brain tumor. Right?)

10.Live more: (The laundry will get done eventually, the bills can wait until tomorrow and it's ok if we eat pb&j instead of a five course meal tonight because I spent the afternoon with Sam at the park instead of in the kitchen).

Sam's still working on his list of resolutions. I'll post them as soon as he emails them to me. He's a little slow getting them in this year. Something about not knowing how to type, I think. Stay tuned.


  1. Wait, growing up to be a professional ice dancer is a BAD thing?

  2. A couple of things...

    1. cheese is totally a food group. At least, that's what I keep telling myself and Jason had to agree when he once found 14 packages of cheese in our fridge (true story)

    2. I never floss.

    3. I wish WE could hang out more.

    4. While it is snowy in Chatty, we're expecting a balmy 70 this week.

    5. i miss you.



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