Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Samster

Maybe you've found yourself casually wondering what Sam's up to these days. I thought you might have so I figured I'd update you on the little guy and the plethora of ways he's keeping us more than just a little busy lately. I find myself occasionally flipping (clicking?) through the pictures on my phone and being reminded of how very, very small he was mere months ago. And, now he's this energetic (i.e. like he had a Red Bull for breakfast) little person that on rainy, waterlogged days like this one, attempts to climb every piece of furniture, empty every kitchen drawer, and push every button I never knew I even had. BUT, despite all that, I am more than a little head over heels for this sweet boy and wouldn't trade a second (except for maybe that unfortunate diaper incident we had yesterday) with him for anything.

Here's a little of what he's been up to lately...


  1. he is so super duper cute!! he looks like he is ALL BOY and so much fun :)

  2. Oh goodness he's cute. It's hard to pick a favorite but I especially like the one where he's conked out in the car. He's the best mixture of you and matt.



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