Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Used to Blog Here

So, as it turns out, I am mentally incapable of keeping up a blog during major life transitions. I'm acutely aware of all those blogger moms out there who blog like champs hours after delivering babies; moments after cooking a five course dinner for their seven children (complete with perfectly edited photographs); or in the midst of a crazy day of house-cleaning, running children to school, while possibly working on their first book about parenting and eating only unprocessed foods. These women deserve kudos for being able to string two sentences together much less actually blog about their lives in the midst of the crazy town that is motherhood.

As it turns out, I'm not of of these women. Despite my love of blogging and putting down the words that tell the story of our little life, I am a big wimp when it comes to life transitions. Our current life transition is: MOVING. We've been living in our new house for approximately one week and a day and it still feels like we live in a cavernous storage unit, complete with echoes.

All this to say, I'm a bit of a crazy person right now. And I'm not sure how long I'm going to be a crazy person for. Maybe another month? Surely, we'll be all moved in by then and I'll actually be able to find things like my child's socks and my other pair of glasses and that key that opens the box that has the important documents that prove I'm married and am an American citizen. I really hope I find that last thing, but it's not looking so good right now.

So, in the unlikely event that you've been checking my little ol' blog and wondering why I haven't been updating you on the details of my riveting life as a stay at home mama, well, now you know why.

I'll be back, though. If I survive this move. And if I don't get deported for not being able to find my passport/marriage certificate/social security card. If that happens, remember me as I was.


  1. I hear 'ya, DL! I'm in the midst of the same thing, although I'm still on the other side (almost empty condo, about to move into a house double the size of this current place). Hooray for a home of our own, but raising a glass to you with some encouragement that "you can do it" and hope that our home-sweet-homes will be back to the norm sooner rather than later. Packing and unpacking with kiddos (and husband to care for, too) is HARDER than I thought!! HUGS!

  2. I miss your voice; but I totally understand. Hang in there and I'll look forward to chatting (maybe?) and reading your thoughts when the dust settles. (Literally and figuratively, of course.)

  3. Ha, ha, ha!! Don't forget that you've also been WORKING as a professional editor on the side!!!



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