Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stitch Fix: That Time I Got Fun Clothes in the Mail

I don't have time to shop anymore unless that shopping trip involves tomato paste and cereal. It's ok. I mean, I've got fourteen pairs of stretchy yoga pants to choose from each morning, so there's really no need to shop for clothes. However, I do occasionally find myself daydreaming about wearing something that isn't spandex. Or "athletic" wear. Or stay-at-home mom uniform-ish.

So, I did what every girl does when her closet starts to make her feel sad. I went online. And, lo and behold, I discovered that there are people out there who will shop for you when you can't seem to exit your house. (Unless that exit includes a carseat, three jackets, one lunchbox, a juice cup, four diapers, one backpack, and small people that you have created.)

Because I have limited time before I go pick up the larger of my two small people from preschool, I'll just cut to the chase. I filled out a bunch of basic info about my size, shape, and style preferences on a website called Stitch Fix. I linked my Pinterest board with all my pins of outfits I wish I was wearing and then sent Stitch Fix $20 (for shipping and styling) via my credit card. And then I sat back and let the magic begin.

I'll just let the photos I took speak for themselves. Ok, not really. I've included captions to delight and inform:
This is what a box full of fun clothes delivered to your doorstep looks like.

Even the inside of the box is fun. Plus, there's a nice note from your stylist. Mine was Jennifer.
Aaaaaaand, it's dress up time!
Here's the other info they include such as, how to wear clothes.

The jacket. It's knit. It's comfy. Sadly, it's $128.
I'm rethinking this pose right now.

This is an unfortunate angle, but it's hard to take a picture of yourself wearing a maxi skirt when the point of the picture is to include the maxi skirt. This one was gray, super soft and stretchy, but not really a winter item of clothing in my opinion. Also, take note of the regrettable way it accentuates the hips. Or don't take note. Maybe just disregard I mentioned that at all. Moving on...
Kensie skinny jeans. I kind of loved these. But, this body just recently gave birth to a human being, so skinny jeans aren't always the answer. Still, I'm considering them at the moment. $88.
Another weird angle. But, you get the point. FYI, I'm not really this disproportional in real life. I hope.
This shirt was super stretchy and had a nice little scalloped (maybe?) hem. I dig it. But, it fits a little snug in the tummy department which is where, I may have mentioned this before, I carried a small human recently. Not quite ready to draw attention here yet. But, this shirt was way cuter on than I expected. It was $42 I think.
Another shot of this great jacket.
Another shot of the skirt. Perfect for summer. Just not so much for cold weather. Atleast in my humble, non-stylist opinion. Oh, and this was $58.

The scarf! I really liked this thing and it'll probably be the one thing I keep this time around. It was $32 but, that makes it $12 after subtracting the initial $20 (shipping/sylist fee). Perfect.
Here's all the items that were in my box. Overall, I give this haul two thumbs up.

So, I'll sum things up for you if you're thinking about ordering from Stitch Fix. It's a fun way to shop that doesn't require you actually doing the shopping, which is nice if you don't have time to shop. Or take a shower. The stylist got my "style" pretty well and the sizes were all pretty dead on. My only complaint is that she didn't take into account the note I included (when I filled out all my info) about just having had a baby and not wanting any fitted shirts. But, everything else was on target.

The details for those of you about to do this:

-$20 bucks gets things started. It's non-refundable but does count toward your purchase.
-25% off everything if you buy it all. (My order equaled $380, but the discount and the $20 took it down to $250).
-Took about three weeks to get and then you have three days to try stuff on and mail back what you don't want.
-FYI: You get a chance to stipulate what your price point is at the initial sign up.

I think that's a pretty good overview. I'm thinking I might do this again next time we have an event coming up (i.e. wedding, party, etc.). Or maybe just to update my date night wardrobe. Or maybe just to have a fun box of clothes to try on sent to my house at random.

If you've got questions, let me know!

AND, if you're about to head over and start your Stitch Fix, here's a link that includes my getting referral credit, which is basically a win-win for both of us. But, no pressure. Really. 

High fives to all of you wearing yoga pants right now.

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