Friday, September 26, 2014

31 Days of Intentional Community

Hi Friends!

Just a little programming note: For the month of October I'm joining up with The Nester, along with other bloggers, for her 31 Day Writing Challenge to write 31 consecutive blog posts.

All month long, I'll be talking about intentional community and how (and why) to make that happen. So, join me this October for 31 days of discussing all the ins and outs of what it means to be in heart-deep fellowship with one another and why it's so darn important. (-;

Feel free to wear your pjs.


Here's where you can find each day's thoughts on intentional community ~

Day 1: Community 101
Day 2: Call Your Realtor
Day 3: How to Not Create Community
Day 4: Building Barns
Day 5: Twenty's a Crowd
Day 6: Meet Me at Luke's Diner
Day 7: Middle School Habits Die Hard
Day 8: Being a Parent + Making New Friends = Awkward
Day 9: Community is Necessary
Day 10: Let's Do This Community Thing Better (A Re-Post)
Day 11: (Life happened and a blog post did not.)
Day 12:When I Don't Have It All Together (Which is Always)
Day 13: Make Something Happen
Day 14: (If I told you the kind of day I had with little people, you would understand).
Day 15: Choosing People Over Technology
Day 16: Old Friends Must Always Begin as New Ones
Day 17: (Would you believe the computer battery died?)
Day 18: (I have no excuse).
Day 19: (See above).
Day 20: A Warning Label

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