Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Lost in Translation

In approximately two months and eight days, my baby will turn TWO. I need to pause here for just a moment to hyperventilate...

Ok, I'm back. So, as I was saying, Sam is almost two years old, and while I realize this means that the black hole of parenting, also known as The Terrible Twos (said in an ominous voiceover that you'll just have to imagine), is about to descend, I cannot help but love this particular season of Sam.

The advent of full-on sentence creating has taken place in my little man's brain and I am in love with the crazy phrases I hear around the house all day. There's plenty I don't understand, but those little bits and pieces of baby conversation that sound vaguely like the English language are seriously the best.

For example, when I went to get Sam up yesterday morning, he looked at me from the edge of his crib and said, very seriously, "Is it Thomas?" (as in, the Train). I wish I knew why this question feels so imperative. He asks it all day long and I haven't devised a satisfactory answer as of yet.

We hear lots of "Where Dey Go?" when Matt has exited the building. (FYI: "dey" is Sam's word for "daddy.") What I'm really loving is when the beginning of a sentence is total gibberish and then ends with a very emphatic "choo choo" or "mama" or the ever popular "tunnel." We're slowly adding "Bob" into the mix now that Bob the Builder is on the scene.

For example, this would sound like, "Ee Yoo Ee Yoo Ee Yoo" (said in rapid succession) followed by "choo choo! or "Bob!"

I think about how much I'll miss this baby talk after it's evolved into full-blown conversations and I wonder if I'll remember all these sweet little phrases and words down the proverbial road. I really, really hope I will. It wears on me a little that so much of what is happening right now will be forgotten by my ever-shrinking brain as the years pass and my little man actually becomes a man.

I know now why mamas don't want their babies to grow up. Sometimes, I kind of wish mine didn't have to.


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  1. Me too.


    L&J's teacher swears that one of them (which? we may never know.) said, "Harper is my friend." And on the way to school yesterday, one of them (again, who can remember?) said, "Ready to go!"

    My current favorite is Luca's "all-wight!" and Julian's "Nyo" (that's "no"). Say absolutely anything that ends in an upward inflection and he will promptly say, "Nyo." It's pretty awesome. For now.



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