Saturday, July 27, 2013

We Threw A Party

A few weekends ago, my mom and I hosted a shower for my brother's fiance'. I'm not a photographer, which you will soon be convinced of, plus my aunt took a few of these shots with my point and shoot. Try not to be too disappointed by my family's lack of photography skillz. I realize that everyone else out there with a blog has a super cool camera and some fancy photog abilities, but, alas, I am not one of those people. And yet, I am still planning on subjecting you to a short slideshow of the first par-tay hosted at my very own hizzouse. (My apologies for the rapper slang. I'm obviously trying to compensate for my lack of picture-taking talent.)

I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't include a shot of the lovely yardwork my husband and dad did to get things ready for the party. Disregard the yellow line in the middle there. I let some worker men drive into the yard the day before and have already been mildly reprimanded for this lapse in judgment. Who knew it would kill the grass in like 24 hours? Not me.
This photo probably doesn't need a caption. But, I'll give it one anyway. Basically, this sign was intended to make sure ladies came to the front door and not to the back, which would have taken them through my laundry room, which is usually sporting someone's underwear.

Every party needs some bunting. Also, this is the china cabinet that my dad painted with chalk paint. I heart it.

I saw this on Pinterest. Sadly, I ran out of ribbon before it could get really awesome.

Lemon cake with lemon curd filling. The stuff of dreams. Also, those are hydrangeas from my backyard. Just sayin'.

I saw this great idea for a party beverage in a magazine. Iced coffee with vanilla. Yum. We also served lemonade, which is obligatory at a southern bridal shower in the summer. You knew this, right?

The gift table before the guests showed up. That yellow puff at the top of the picture is of one of the poof balls I made out of tissue paper and twine. Turns out it's pretty easy to do, plus they're cute, which is why they're all still hanging up two weeks after the party.

Here are a few pictures of the soon-to-be bride and groom. The middle picture has a little sign above it that says "groom," in case you were squinting to see that and still thought it said, "gorp." That's my 33-year old brother, who I still think of as 10. The beard makes it a little hard to hold onto that image of him, however. Also, that basket below the table is going to be Baby Mae's laundry basket, but it was too cute to just leave in the nursery, so I brought it out for the party. It's a T.J. Maxx find for $15. High fives to me.

This photo is for those of you wondering what an 8 month pregnant woman looks like sitting down. Also, I'm taking notes here on who gave what. And, check out my super cute first cousin sitting to my left (your right) with the fancy coral shirt. She has three girls 5 and under, including twins, which feels relevant to tell you right now for some reason.
Here we are, the bride-to-be, the sister-in-law-to-be and the mother-in-law-to-be. Based on this picture, I've just decided that I look better sitting down while pregnant.

The happy couple. I realize this shot is a little washed out, but they just looked so darn cute, I couldn't help but include this one. Notice the lack of beard on the bro. It comes, it goes. Facial hair is a mysterious thing.   

                                                                       *                 *                 *                 *                *

I didn't include a shot of the food table, because for some reason, I never took a picture of it with all the food, so the picture I had just looked sad, like I was throwing a party for people on a diet.

But there is one thing about the party food you should probably know about so that you can use it at your next party, and that is the Chocolate Plate, as opposed to the usual cheese plate. I saw this in the same magazine as the iced coffee party idea and thought it was genius. Just go to Aldi's, pick up some dark, white and milk chocolate bars, break them into different-sized pieces and lay them indiscriminately on a fancy plate. Perfect. I just sang that word in my head as I typed it. Anyway, other than that, there were chicken salad croissant sandwiches, a fruit bowl, cheese straws, and lemon cake. Yum.

Next time I throw a shindig, I'll try to borrow a better camera than my little point and shoot and attempt to wow you with fancy pictures. That probably won't happen soon, since I won't be sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time for a while after this baby gets here. But, when the time comes for another party, I'll see what kind of photography magic I can conjure up for you.

Also, here's the link to the summer party idea that I used as a template for this one. It's Better Homes and Gardens: You can see the chocolate plate in this picture, which is obviously the most important element in this party theme.

Party on.


  1. This looks like a fabulous party! Great job!!

  2. so fun! I'm glad to hear it went well! and just for the record, I think you are have one of the cutest pregnancy bodies of anyone I know, standing up or sitting down.

  3. Good job on the party and the pictures! Wish you'd share the coffee punch recipe with me. Please add it into the comment section of this blog post so I can pin it!

  4. Mrs. Patton, I must confess that we used vanilla flavored International Delight's brand of iced coffee. I was hoping to make my own, but pregnancy demanded the shortcut. :-) if I come across a good recipe for iced coffee, I'll definitely pass it on!

  5. Beautiful shower, sweet friend. You outdid your pregnant self. ;-)



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